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Road Rescue

Road rescue
 Up to RM100,00 around-the-globe personal accident coverage.
 Up to RM200 Hassle-free post repair
 Free towing service on the go

Private Car Insurance

Private car
 RM3 Million liability limit against third-party liabilities
 No-Claim Discount
 Free towing up to RM 300 per breakdown

Motorist Personal Accident Insurance

Motorist personal
 Additional payout with supplementary policy
 Enchanced sum insured up to RM240,000
 Low premium rates from RM4.42 per month

Motorcyclist Personal Accident Insurance

 Cover up to RM6,000 accidental death
 Cover up to RM6,000 parmanent disablement while riding
 Bereavement expenses to RM500

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